Quick and Easy Cooking Tips

From kid-friendly pasta recipes to classic roast chicken, these easy dinner ideas will get you a delicious meal on the table in under 30 minutes. Plus, they all feature these game-changing cooking tips to make the whole process even easier!

Try mise en place to reduce kitchen clutter and avoid running back 밀키트 and forth. Simply gather all ingredients and prep tools you need before beginning the recipe.

Read the Recipe

A recipe is a set of instructions on how to combine ingredients and cook them to create a food or beverage. It will usually include a list of ingredients, directions on how to prepare the recipe, a cooking method, nutritional information and chef notes.

It is important to read the entire recipe before beginning to cook, says Tipton-Martin. This ensures that you have all the ingredients listed and will give you a picture in your mind of what you are making. It also helps you see if there are any steps that need to be done ahead of time, such as toasting nuts or preparing vegetables before chopping them.

Also, if there are any unfamiliar terms, this is the time to look them up! This can help you avoid confusion during the cooking process.

Mise en Place

A culinary technique a chef learns early on is mise en place, which means “everything in its place.” You might have seen it in action while watching a cooking show: the chefs always get all their ingredients, utensils and equipment ready before they start to cook.

Mise en place saves chefs energy because they don’t have to go from dish to dish to find the tools and ingredients they need. And it’s a great way to stay organized, too.

For home cooks, this means taking the time to read a recipe and then carefully organizing all the ingredients, tools and equipment you’ll need. You can put them into a cute mise en place bowl, or even your own favorite containers. You can even set them out in the order you’ll be adding them to the pan, if that helps.


There’s not much more frustrating than opening your cupboard to find that you’ve run out of an essential ingredient. Whether you’re out of tomato paste or your kid used the last lemon, here are a few creative cooking substitutions to save the day.

When substituting ingredients, it’s important to remember that volume matters as well as texture. A cup of granulated sugar is not the same as a cup of powdered sugar, for instance, because they’re packed differently.

The good news is that most recipes can be tweaked to work with a few common pantry staples. For example, an egg shortage can be resolved by using a mashed banana, a tablespoon of chia seeds or some soaked raisins. Similarly, an avocado makes a good stand-in for a sour cream.

Taste and Season

When you see “season to taste” in a recipe it’s important to remember that this is meant to mean more than salt and pepper. It means you can adjust the overall flavor profile of a dish to your personal preference, especially as the ingredients change with cooking and temperature.

For example, adding lemon juice or vinegar can help brighten a dish. Or a touch of sugar or honey can add needed sweetness. And of course, seasoning the food comprehensively with umami, salt, sweet and acid levels will make it more balanced and full of flavor.

This is especially important for recipes that will cook over a longer period of time like chilli. This gives the heroic mineral a chance to permeate throughout. It will also mean you can avoid over-seasoning it at the end.

Use a Timer

Timers are essential kitchen tools that help chefs to achieve consistent results, multitask efficiently, ensure food safety and cook with precision. For the home cook, a good quality timer can help you to get cooking with confidence and take your culinary skills to the next level.

Easy to use with top and side buttons, this large Salter timer is ideal for everyday kitchen use. It features a clear LCD to view timings and comes with a stand and magnetic back so you can keep it on the counter.

This fun kitchen timer is made from PET plastic in the shape of a Wonder avocado. As the timer elapses, the colorful disk disappears to let you know it’s time to eat! Great for pacing yourself, managing children’s snack time or breaking up larger tasks into manageable chunks.